Mission & Vision

Over 40% of tasks people add to their to-do-list are never completed.

Marketplace by Task Pigeon is a simple, yet effective solution to help solve that issue. Building off of Task Pigeon’s core task management application “Marketplace by Task Pigeon” provides a single-click outsourcing experience that allows you to dial up and down the resources you have on hand within your company.

With Marketplace by Task Pigeon it’s easy to outsource numerous tasks such as internet research, data entry, content creation, logo design and more. All without having to wait for individual pitches to come through for your work.

How To Outsource Via Marketplace

Marketplace by Task Pigeon has been designed for (and works best with) the core Task Pigeon task management application. You can create a free account here.

Every time you create a task in your Task Pigeon account you will see an option to “send to marketplace”

When you want to outsource the task simply click the button and enter any additional task details.

Your task will then be sent to our team who will assign it to one of our vetted freelancers.

If you already a Task Pigeon member you can also browse the Marketplace by Task Pigeon website and outsource tasks directly.

Our Vetted Freelancers

At Marketplace by Task Pigeon we want to make things easier for you, not harder. Unlike other outsourcing platforms we don’t make you wait around for pitches to come in, nor force you to interview and guess who the best person is to hire.

All of the freelancers on the Marketplace by Task Pigeon website have been pre-vetted and meet our high quality control standards before being admitted to the platform.