• What Is Marketplace By Task Pigeon?

    Marketplace by Task Pigeon was created to solve the underlying issue with all task management applications.

    With more than 40% of tasks that you add to your to-do list never being completed there needed to be a better way of getting on top of tasks that were at risk of slipping or being cancelled.

    Marketplace by Task Pigeon allows users of the Task Pigeon application to outsource common tasks in just a few clicks. Unlike other marketplace platforms there is no back and forth, waiting for proposals or interviewing candidates.

    We pre-vet everyone before they join the platform so you know that you can get a quality outcome for the task you choose to outsource.

  • Do I Have To Have A Task Pigeon Account?

    Marketplace by Task Pigeon was created to support users of the Task Pigeon task management application.

    You do need a Task Pigeon account to access the marketplace but creating an account is free. Click here to create your Task Pigeon account today.

  • What Guarantee Do I Have That I Will Be Satisfied With The Work?

    Marketplace by Task Pigeon pre-vets all freelancers who work on the platform. We only select, and retain, the freelancers who maintain our high standards across all their projects.

    If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with the task completed you can contact us for a complete refund under our satisfaction guarantee.

  • What If The Task I Want Done Is Not Currently Available?

    Marketplace by Task Pigeon has built-up a large and reliable database of freelancers.

    While our focus at the moment is on three key areas, copywriting, design and virtual assistants we can accomodate custom tasks by tapping into our wider pool of talent.

    If you would like to discuss a custom task please contact us here.

  • How Do I Join Marketplace By Task Pigeon As A Freelancer?

    Marketplace by Task Pigeon has a strict vetting process to ensure that we maintain the highest standards of quality across our platform.

    The majority of freelancers on Marketplace by Task Pigeon were invited to the platform after performing work for our parent company or other companies we have close relationships with.

    That said we do accept outside applications for review. If you would like to join Task Pigeon as a freelancer you can click here.