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Keyword Ranking Analysis Report

Item Description:

Before you start putting any effort into improving your SEO performance you need a benchmark to measure yourself against. With our Keyword Ranking Analysis Report we will provide a comprehensive breakdown of all the keywords your website (and associated subdomains) rank for. This report includes your position in Google, search volume and level of competition for that keyword.

We will then take your top ten keywords (by position) and provide details on the websites that currently occupy the first ten positions in Google as well as a strategy document to help you improve the rank of these keywords.

Item Details:

Once you have ordered the Keyword Ranking Analysis Report we will request the following information:

  • Your website URL
  • Where you want us to include subdomains in the report
  • Details of the countries from which you want your rank in Google to be checked (i.e. US, UK, Australia)

You can request a sample report via email here.