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Keyword “Potential” Report

Item Description:

If you are going to focus your time, money and attention on SEO for your website or blog then you should have a core group of keywords you want to rank for.

With our Keyword “Potential” Report we take those keywords (up to 10) and provide a breakdown on their potential value and difficulty. Information in this report includes:

  • Search volume for the keyword
  • Potential difficulty (score out of 100)
  • Average Cost Per Click you would expect to pay if bidding on Adwords
  • Competition for that keyword in Adwords (score out of 100)
  • Details on associated keywords in organic search results
  • Details on associated keywords in PPC campaigns
  • Details on the top 10 ranking pages for that keyword, including the number of backlinks and referring domains each competitor has (i.e. shows what may be required to also rank for that keyword)

Item Details:

Once you have ordered our Keyword “Potential” Report we will require the following details:

  • The URL of your website
  • A list of up to 10 individual keywords for the report

If you would like a sample of the report you can request one via email.