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Infographic Design

Item Description:

Outsource a new infographic design to our team of vetted and professional graphic designers. Our Freelancers will create a new high quality inforgraphic for your company.

“Marketplace by Task Pigeon” pre-vets all of the graphic designers allowed onto our platform and only accepts graphic designs who have consistently met our high standards.

All new infographic designs come with 2 included revisions and our quality guarantee. If you are not happy with the product we will refund the cost of the task.

Item Details:

Once you have purchased the infographic design task you will be invited to provide the following details so one of our freelancers can begin work:

  • Overview of requirements for the infographic (Required)
  • Statistics or quotes that are required in the infographic (Required)
  • Information on the intended audience for the infographic and any design preferences. (Recommended)