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Competitor Keyword Comparison Report

Item Description:

Where our Keyword Ranking Analysis Report shows you where each of your keywords are ranking in Google, our Competitor Keyword Comparison Report allows you to drill down and compare your performance against a nominated list of competitors (maximum of 5).

This report will provide an overview of the common keywords (i.e. keywords you all rank for) and unique keywords (i.e. keywords only your competitor ranks for) as well as a detailed breakdown of the position, volume and potential value of each of these keywords.

In addition, we highlight a general list of competitors (based on common keywords you rank for) beyond the initial 5 you provide and also provide a strategy document that outlines how you can improve the rank of keywords that are important to your blog or business.

Item Details:

Once you confirm your order we will require the following information:

  • The URL of your website or blog.
  • The URL of up to 5 competitors you want us to benchmark your performance against.

You can request a sample report via email here.