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Task Pigeon is a free and straight forward task management application for individuals and teams who want to get things done.

Sometimes however, time gets the better of us and we are forced to choose between pushing back deadlines or cutting tasks from our to-do list.

“Marketplace by Task Pigeon” solves that issue.

It is a curated marketplace of high quality freelancers that is centrally managed by the team at Task Pigeon. Any time you find time slipping and you consider pushing back a deadline click “send to marketplace” in your Task Pigeon dashboard and we can take care of the rest.

To utilize our curated marketplace of freelance copywriters, designers, editors and virtual assistants you need a first need a Task Pigeon account.

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How It Works

Marketplace By Task Pigeon is simple to use.

Every time you create a task in your Task Pigeon account you will see an option to “send to marketplace”

When you want to outsource the task simply click the button and enter any additional task details.

Your task will then be sent to our team who will assign it to one of our vetted freelancers. Currently we accept tasks in the following categories:

  • Writing & Editing
  • Virtual Assistants (I.e. Internet Research, Data Entry, etc)
  • Graphic Design

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Why You Should Use Marketplace

Unlike other Marketplace or Outsourcing websites “Marketplace by Task Pigeon” removes all the necessary back and forth that takes even more time than the task itself.

Often other platforms require you to; Create a job post, invite freelancers to pitch for the job/wait for freelancers to apply, wade through the applications to try and find the right candidate, offer the job to a candidate, wait for them to accept, and then finally start work on your task.

“Marketplace by Task Pigeon” removes all of that hassle. Simply click a button, enter any additional task details and we take care of the rest.

We match you with one of our vetted Freelancers and then connect you via email so that they can complete the task.

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